Obtaining Usage Rights

William P. Gottlieb’s jazz images are sought after for many uses, from term papers to major motion pictures.  Obtaining permission to use his photos is generally fast and simple.

To seek permission to use a Gottlieb image, please fill out the Usage Inquiry Form below. To prevent unnecessary delays, please include as much information as possible.  The images(s) desired are best identified by LOC call number.  These can be found by searching the LOC Gottlieb Archive or browsing through our Gallery. We will respond to your request quickly, generally within one day. 

After the terms of usage are finalized, they will be included in the invoice, which is generally sent to you along with the high-resolution digital image(s) you want.

Commercial and non-commercial usage right requests should include as much information as possible. Permission is generally non-exclusive. Our permission does not include any right of publicity that may be required by a performer's estate. To avoid delays, please be sure to include the following in your request:


Company Name:

Street Address:

City, State, Zip:



Time Zone & Best Time to Reach You:

Which images do you want to use?
Please identify using the LOC call number. This can be found with the images in the store section of this site or at the LOC Gottlieb Archive. Please separate the number for each image with a comma.

Where will the images be used?

Example: book interior, music CD cover, magazine advertisement, set dressing, etc.

Secondary locations that the images will appear?

Example: on website, on promotional poster in lobby, to be made available to reviewers, etc.

How many units will be made?

For example: number of CDs, books, brochures, etc...

Size of use?

Example: full page, 1.5" x 2" thumbnail, 12' x 14' billboard, etc.

Duration of use?

Example: unlimited, one time use, from date to date, six seconds of screen time, etc.

Distribution area?

Example: Local, U.S. only, U.K. only, Worldwide, etc.

Other rights needed?

Example: all future editions, all media including ones not yet invented, promotional and advertising use in all media, etc.

Will image alterations be made?  

If yes, explain:

Example: will be rendered into oil painting, will be destroyed in fight scene, will be cut to fit into a collage, etc.

Format you want to receive the images in?

Example: tiff or jpeg, for Mac or PC, size (in inches or cm), dpi, full negative or cropped, need a 16 x 20" print, etc.

Time deadline for when you need the images?

Example: as soon as possible, within the week, etc.

Note: Credit & copyright notice is almost always required. If they are omitted when required the quoted fee is doubled.

Payment for commercial usage is usually required within 30 days of invoice. Late payment fees will apply beyond the 30 days. We reserve the right to require payment before delivery of images. Preferred payment method is by check. For overseas invoices up to $700, payment by Visa/MC is preferred but wire transfers are also possible.