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William P. Gottlieb (1917-2006) left very few signed prints in inventory. For many of the available images, only one or two signed prints remain. Upon his death, what was once open edition signed prints are now limited to the few remaining photographs in stock. In addition to being a jazz loverís showpiece, these prints are now rare collectibles.

All photographs are museum quality, silver gelatin prints, signed by William P. Gottlieb. The thumbnail images available for viewing on this site are not the quality that you can expect in the fine art print. Each print was masterfully created by hand using a Gottlieb approved master print as a guide and then carefully inspected by Mr. Gottlieb.

The online store displays many of the limited supply of signed prints that remain in stock. It is possible that in the future unisgned estate prints will be made available for almost any photo in the Gottlieb archive. Please contact us if you want to be kept informed about this possibility. To search the archive of all 1700 Gottlieb collection images, you can view the LOC Gottlieb Archive.


52nd Street
Otherwise known as ''Swing Street''--jazz mecca.

Allen Eager
This is Bill's son, Ed's, favorite photograph! ''I love the group energy that you can feel in this shot.''

Benny Goodman
Benny Goodman, ''the first to adopt an uncompromising jazz style, one that took both standard and popular material and turned it into...swing, thus starting an entirely new era.'' 'The Encyclopedia of Jazz'

Billie Holiday
Bill's photos of Billie captured her like no photographer ever had. Intense and intimate.

Billy Eckstine
''One of the most distinctive of all ballad singers, Eckstine was both a pivotal figure in the history of jazz because of his commitment to bebop and the first black singer to achieve lasting success in the pop mainstream.'' Verve Music Group

Buddy Rich
''Buddy Rich was known for his spectacular drumming and his cocky personality.'' William P. Gottlieb

Cab Calloway
Cab Calloway, a ''sensational personality..'' said Gottlieb.

Charlie Parker
Great photos of the mythic Charlie ''Bird'' Parker.

Coleman ''Bean'' Hawkins
''Coleman 'Bean' Hawkins, the greatest virtuoso of the tenor sax during the Golden Age, is one of a handful of jazz supermen.'' Gottlieb in 'The Golden Age of Jazz'

Count Basie
Count Basie liked his ''...swing direct and to the point'' wrote Bill Gottlieb.

Dizzy Gillespie
Dizzy Gillespie--''King of the Street.''

Django Reinhardt
Django Reinhardt and his Gypsy guitar.

Doris Day
The famous American actress and singer Doris Day, one of the most admired and well known entertainers of the twentieth century who got her start as a jazz singer.

Duke Ellington
''(Duke) created jazz that had more colors, more textures, more surprises than were found anywhere else in jazz.''
Bill Gottlieb

Ella Fitzgerald
The First Lady of Song--Ella Fitzgerald.

Francis ''Muggsy'' Spanier
''Francis 'Muggsy' Spanier was one of the most sought-after cornetists of the period. With both open horn and plunger mute, he was marvelously full-bodied and precise.'' Gottlieb in ''The Golden Age of Jazz''

Frank Sinatra
Always sophisticated, Frank Sinatra in the recording studio.

Glen Gray
Note the gun on the dresser. Glad it was Bill and not Glen shooting that day!

Harry James

Howard McGhee
''Howard McGhee was known for lightning-fast fingers and very high notes.What he is not known of is the influnce that had on younger hard bop trumpeters, together with Fats Navarro.'' Wikipedia

Huddie ''Leadbelly'' Ledbetter
''Leadbelly, a fabulous blues singer and guitarist, killed one man, maybe two...'' Story from 'The Golden Age of Jazz'

Illinois Jacquet
''Illinois Jacquet started a trend among tenor sax players with his boisterous honking on Lionel Hampton's 'Flying Home.' He later became a star with Jazz at the Philharmonic.'' Gottlieb in 'The Golden Age of Jazz'

Joe Mooney

June Christy
''One of the most popular of the good band vocalists was June Christy, featured for years with the Stan Kenton orchestra.'' William Gottlieb
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